Great Dog works with its customers to meet their specific needs from formulation, manufacturing, packaging and/or  shipping.  Our goal is to collaborate with our customers to create great products.  Subsequently, we both prosper and grow our markets.

Great Dog also sells a line of branded products available nationwide through distributors and manufacturers’ representatives.

If you are interested in collaborating, wish to purchase Great Dog products and/or have questions, please call 612-910-4890 or e-mail.

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Bison Pizzle/Bison Liver/Bison Achilles Tendon/Bison Trachea/Bison Lung/Bison Spleen/Bison Bones/Bison Scapula/Bison Kidney/Organic Beef Liver/Organic Beef Trachea/Organic Beef Bones/Beef Bull Pizzle/Venison Liver/Venison Lung/Venison Horn/Elk Liver/Elk Lung/Chicken Breast Meat/ Pig Ears/Pig Pizzle

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