GREAT DOG Biggest Bull Pizzle (Bully Sticks)!

GREAT DOG is pleased to introduce GREAT DOG Biggest Bull Pizzle (Bully Sticks). What's so great about GREAT DOG Biggest Bull Pizzle? For starters, we challenge you to locate any better (no stink) product sourced and made in the USA. The average weight of each 12" Biggest Bull Pizzle (Bully Stick) is about 3.1 ounces. That's one big bully! GREAT DOG Biggest Bull Pizzle (Bully Sticks) comes from mature bulls sourced from family farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is then processed without irradiation, additives and/or preservatives in a human grade, federally inspected facility. What's not to love?

GREAT DOG Biggest Bull Pizzle is sold in bags as follows:
  • 5, 6" pieces
  • 6, 12" pieces
  • 8, 3" pieces (Biggest Bull Pizzlettes for small and toy dogs under 25 LBS




      Try some today. Your dog will thank you!

      March 11, 2015 by Carrie McCabe
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