We are Happy & Grateful!

Jakeh is Happy and that Makes GREAT DOG CO. Happy too!

GREAT DOG CO. got its start because we love dogs; and we know our human customers share our love for dogs. Let's face it, it's darn tough to beat a dog's energy, companionship and faithfulness.

At GREAT DOG, we love hearing from our human customers! Recently, we received a very nice email from a new customer that we thought we'd share (with permission). This is what makes what we do each and everyday so rewarding. We are grateful for Michael, Jakeh and all our other wonderful customers.

Michael wrote:

Hi, I received the first shipment of dog snacks yesterday. I let the dog, Jakeh, smell the box when it was delivered because she is so curious about packages arriving. But this time was different, she licked the box! I’ve attached a picture of her with the box when it arrived. After dinner she had her first snack, a bison tendon. I am so pleased with the quality. She must have been pleased with the taste because when she was done, while it may sound crazy, she had a big smile on her face for a couple hours!

Best regards and thank you!
                                                                                        JAKEH'S Chews Have Arrived!
                                                                                                   (used by permission)
A heartfelt thanks goes out to Michael (and Jakeh) for taking the time to make our day. As always, it's our mission at GREAT DOG CO. to make all our human and furry customers smile. In turn, that puts a smile on each of our faces!

Bison Dog Chews, Treats & Bones

Why Bison Chews, Treats & Bones are so Great, Yet So Darn Hard to Find!

As many of you know, GREAT DOG CO. is one of the very few companies in the United States that sells Bison Chews, Treats and Bones. Why? Two reasons:

1. The number of Bison raised in the United States each year is quite low; and

2. GREAT DOG CO. has been in the business so long that it has the vast majority of the raw product under contract.

What Makes GREAT DOG Bison Chews & Treats so Great?

GREAT DOG bison chews & treats are NOT an amalgum of indecipherable GMO ingredients from far off lands full of  starches, glues, salts or preservatives.  Rather the bison are range-fed, not given hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. GREAT DOG bison chews and treats are cooked in a human-grade facility and come out of our ovens bathed in their own yummy juices giving them a beautiful golden brown color as opposed to many companies that add a colorant to produce the same color. GREAT DOG bison chews and treats do not contain preservatives, emulsifiers, salts, smokes, mixed tocopherols and other adulterants. As a result, dogs can taste the difference. Many of you have already experienced this--your dog goes crazy over our chews because without all these nasty ingredients, the taste is pure bison joy! 

Added Benefits of Bison Chews & Treats?

1. Bison have a much lower percentage of body fat than cattle making the resulting chew lower in fat

2. Because bison are range-fed, not given hormones and unnecessary antibiotics, and GREAT DOG doesn't add anything to the product, none of these nasty things are passed onto your beloved dog

3. As a result, dogs with sensitive stomachs and/or allergies are able to tolerate bison much more easily than other animal based chews & treats

GREAT DOG Bison Chews & Treats:

  • Bison Achilles Tendon Chews are our #1 selling, highly coveted dog chew lasts a good long time and are a fantastic option for small to small-to-medium sized dogs. These 2-5" segments are slow roasted to perfection in a GREAT DOG human grade facility. No dog can resist these chews--there's a reason why they are our number 1 seller! Bison Achilles Tendon Chews are sold in 7 oz and 1.5 LB bags. The 7 oz bag is now ON SALE through 12.31.2014!
  • Jumbo Bison Achilles Tendon Chews are long-lasting, super tasty, ideally suited to medium and large sized dogs and come from 100% antibiotic free, grass fed bison. Jumbo Bison Achilles Tendon Chews are sold in 5 count bags.
  • Bison Scaps are loved by many owners and dogs alike. Why? Great Dog Bison Scaps are a low fat single ingredient chew cooked in a human grade oven. They resemble taffy colored waxing quarter moons with a little bit of fat and connective tissue.  They offer tons of enjoyment, are easier to digest than rawhide and they won’t get yucky and stick to your carpet. GREAT DOG Bison Scaps are sold in quantities of 5, 10, and 20 pieces. They are also sold in pieces for small dogs as GREAT DOG Happy Joints.
  • Bison Trachea--maybe you have fed a beef trachea to your favorite 4 legged friend?  Now try a Bison Trachea and see the difference.  Bison Trachea are huge compared to Beef. Not as much fat or meat tailings, but larger in diameter, more durable and longer lasting. They roast up darker in color and come in a variety of lengths. A big dog may be able to crack one but few can rip one in half without a struggle. Try a bag  of Bison Tube Pieces for a great chew after a walk or for being such a good passenger in the car.
  • Bison Liver Bites are sourced from free-range grazing bison, never implanted with synthetic or growth promotants, 100% digestible and a great source of vitamins A, B, and C. They are the perfect sized chew for training treats and dogs go crazy over them.
  • Bison Lung is sourced from grass fed, American bison, loaded with flavor, light and voluminous. GREAT DOG Bison Lung is suitable for dogs of all sizes--break the irregular-sized pieces into smaller ones to suit your needs. Bison Lung is super tasty and a fantastic value when compared to freeze dried treats.

GREAT DOG Bison Bones:

GREAT DOG Bison Bones come from free-range bison from Wisconsin, North Dakota and Colorado. To cook our Bison Bones we use a decades old, proprietary cooking formula, and never use preservatives, smokes or soaks. The bones are cooked in their own natural juices resulting in the finished product being a natural brown color whereas many other companies selling bones can only obtain the brown color through added colorants. Because of the cooking process we use, our bones are much easier on a dog's digestive track and are much less likely to shard than other bones on the market. Finally, our bones are loaded with marrow, fat tailings and meaty bits. Why? Because that's what dogs love. Do you know any dog who wants to chew on a white, steralized bone or cow hide in the form of a a rawhide bone when they could be gnawing on a bone full of flavor, marrow, fat tailings and meaty bits? We don't either!

  • GREAT DOG Mighty Full Bison Bones are our best selling Bison Bone from coast-to-coast. It is approximately 7-9" long, 2-3" wide and sourced from bison exclusively raised on native grasses and never given hormones or antibiotics. The bones come from the lower front and rear shin bone which carries the majority of a bison's weight making it extremely strong and dense--hence the name "Mighty." GREAT DOG Mighty Full Bison Bones are very clean making them great for inside as well as outside enjoyment and are uniquely suited for heavy chewers large or small:  Bullies, Boxers, Pits, Mastifs, Rotts, Frenchies or any other mixed breed heavy chewer.
  • GREAT DOG Mighty 1/2 Bison Bones are approximately 2.5-5" long, 2-3" wide and sourced from free range grazing bison raised exclusively on native grasses, never given antibiotics or hormones, and come from the lower front or rear shin bone which carries the majority of a bison's weight making these bones extremely strong and dense--hence the name "Mighty." Mighty 1/2 Bison Bones offer aggressive chewers long-lasting chewing enjoyment. These bones are currently ON SALE through 12.31.2014!
  • GREAT DOG Biggest Bison Bones are a top seller, range in length from 5-7" and sourced from the Ulna, Tibia, and Femur bones of range-fed bison raised on family farms in the Midwest. Biggest Bison Bones have lots of marrow and fat tailings left on to provide extreme flavor and gnawing enjoyment.
  • GREAT DOG Bigger Bison Bones are approximately 3-5" in length, sourced from the Ulna, Tibia, and Femur bones of range-fed bison raised on family farms in the Midwest. Bigger Bison Bones have lots of marrow and fat tailings left on to provide extreme flavor and gnawing enjoyment.
  • GREAT DOG Bison Knuckle Bones are sourced from American free-range grazing bison on small family farms in the Midwest and have lots of marrow, meat, and fat tailings left on to provide long-lasting gnawing and chewing enjoyment. We sell four types of knuckle bones, all approximately the same size.
  • GREAT DOG Bison Saxabones got their name because of their saxaphone like shape. Bison Saxabones are hock bones which are made up of 2-3 bones connected in meaty bits and tendons. Each weighs in at about 1.25 pounds and comes from free-range grazing bison raised on small family farms in the Midwest. They are loaded with marrow, meat and fat tailings for extreme flavor, gnawing and chewing enjoyment.

GREAT DOG Bison Pizzle (Bully Sticks):

GREAT DOG Bison Pizzle (Bully Sticks) are the "holy grail" of dog chews and truly every dog's dream chew. Bison Pizzle is the most coveted chew in the US among "real doggy" people and makes a fantastic, long-lasting chew while helping to keep teeth and gums clean. These chews are so loved that we have a hard time keeping them in stock, especially given the small numbers of bison raised in the country each year.

  • GREAT DOG Bison Pizzle (Bully Sticks) are sold in bags of 5, 6" pieces, 3, 12" pieces, and 6, 12" pieces. GREAT DOG Bison Pizzle is a low odor taste delight and slow roasted without additives and preservatives in a human grade oven.
  • GREAT DOG Bison Pizzlettes (Bully Sticks) are perfect for toy and small dogs under 25 pounds because of the 3" segments. Each package contains 8, 3" pieces for maximum chewing pleasure. Bison Pizzlettes are also help to keep dogs' teeth and gums clean.
  • GREAT DOG Bison Pizzle Pieces (Bully Sticks) are sold in a 7 oz. bag containing bison pizzle pieces ranging in size from 1-4", are the holy grail of dog chews and are ideally suited for toy/small dogs as well as the multi-dog family.

GREAT DOG Bison Horns:

GREAT DOG Bison Horns are sourced from American grazing, range-fed bison from the heartland of the country. Similar to Water Buffalo Horns but smaller in size and not quite as hard, these chews are fully consumable and made with no additives or preservatives. GREAT DOG Bison Horns are ideally suited for medium- to large-sized dogs.

  • GREAT DOG Bison Horn Caps are a long lasting and keratin rich chew. They are non-staining and provide great, abrasive teeth cleaning action. Bison Horn Caps are ideally suited for outdoor feeding as the cap breaks into, small, consumable pieces. Each Bison Horn Cap is approximately 7-9" long and weighs about .75 pounds.
  • GREAT DOG Bison Horn Middles come from the inside of the Bison Horn which acts as a substructure for the keratin rich Horn Cap. Bison Horn Middles are softer than a femur bone and 100% consumable as they break into small, irregular shapes creating long-lasting gnawing enjoyment. They are extremely vascular, high in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and dogs absolutely love them. Each Horn Middle is approximately 7-9" long and weighs approximately 1 pound. Bison Horn Caps are ideally suited for outdoor feeding.

Given the wide variety of Bison Chews, Treats and Bones, GREAT DOG CO. offers, surely there is at least one your dog will absolutely go nuts over. Be sure to try one today.

ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING: Small pieces can become a choking hazard. Feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.