GREAT DOG is pleased to introduce GREAT DOG Beef Steer Twists (Bully Sticks). What makes them so great you ask? For starters, they are two US Sourced Steer Pizzle twisted together for one big taste explosion! Secondly, they have no offensive odor. Third, they are sourced from Midwest family farms and then cooked in a human grade, federally inspected facility. And, last but not least, they are processed without irradiation, additives and/or preservatives! How can anyone or any dog not love that?

How do these differ from GREAT DOG Twisted Steer Pizzle you ask? In a couple of different ways actually. First, the Beef Steer Twists are longer: 7 and 14" vs 6 and 12" in length. Secondly, GREAT DOG Beef Twists have a higher moisture content than GREAT DOG Twisted Steer Pizzle. What this means is that it will require more gnawing and chewing to break down. Thirdly, we have left some fat tailings on the Beef Steer Twists because that's what dog's like; and they need some fat in their diets as fuel and to keep their coats healthy. So, picking the right product for you is simply a matter of preference! Nonetheless, we know you and your dogs will absolutely love GREAT DOG Beef Steer Twists! Why not try some today?

GREAT DOG Beef Steer Twists (Bully Sticks) are sold in bags as follows:

  • 5, 7" pieces, and
  • 6, 12" pieces