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Why Choose Bison Chews & Bones for Your Dog?

Bison chews and bones offer dogs many benefits. For example, they are:

- Rich in flavor - dogs generally prefer bison chews and treats over beef,
pork, turkey, chicken, or lamb.

- Low in fat and high in protein - bison chews and bones tend to be lower in
calories, fat and cholesterol than beef, pork, turkey, skinless chicken, lamb
and even some fish.

- US sourced and manufactured - produced from American grass/range fed Bison
and raised in a much more humane, natural and healthy manner than the majority
of beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey raised inside and outside the US.

- Ideal for dogs with allergies and digestive issues - bison is often the
only chew that doesn't cause problems for dogs with food sensitivities.

GREAT DOG has an extensive line of bison bones and chews you won't find
elsewhere. All our chews and bones are made from US sourced product and cooked
in a human grade facility without additives and preservatives!



Come See GREAT DOG At the 2023 MN State Fair!

Come See GREAT DOG At the 2023 MN State Fair!

It's that time again!!  Come see GREAT DOG at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair August 24 through Labor Day.

As always we'll be on the north side of the Dairy Building. You can't miss our double booth when you walk in. GREAT DOG is offering GREAT deals on many products from its extensive line of healthy dog treats and chews - all sourced and made in the US.

August 08, 2023
Beef Weasand for Dogs

Beef Weasand for Dogs

What the heck is it? Beef Weasand for dogs is beef esophagus - a highly palatable single ingredient chew which is slow roasted and air dried to retain the nutrients your dog needs to thrive. It's high in protein and low in fat and packed full of chondroitin and glucosamine needed to support your dog's joints. Beef weasand is extremely flavorful and a real delicacy for dogs.
March 02, 2023
Healthy Dog Treats and Chews - Great Dog Co.

Healthy Treats and Chews for Dogs with Allergies and Other Sensitivities

Do you have a dog with allergies or stomach sensitivities? If yes, you've likely struggled to find healthy treats and chews that don't cause a reaction in your dog. Find out which products are some of the best for your dog and why.
October 27, 2022