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Why Choose Bison Chews & Bones for Your Dog?

Bison chews and bones offer dogs many benefits. For example, they are:

- Rich in flavor - dogs generally prefer bison chews and treats over beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or lamb.

- Low in fat and high in protein - bison chews and bones tend to be lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than beef, pork, turkey, skinless chicken, lamb and even some fish.

- US sourced and manufactured - produced from American grass/range fed Bison and raised in a much more humane, natural and healthy manner than the majority of beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey raised inside and outside the US.

- Ideal for dogs with allergies and digestive issues - bison is often the only chew that doesn't cause problems for dogs with food sensitivities.

GREAT DOG has an extensive line of bison bones and chews you won't find elsewhere. All our chews and bones are made from US sourced product and cooked in a human grade facility without additives and preservatives!



Bully Stick Alternatives Dogs and Humans Absolutely Love!

Bully Stick Alternatives Dogs and Humans Absolutely Love!

Sure, your dog loves bully sticks but that doesn't mean your budget always does. Why not try a few other US sourced and made dog chews that will last approximately the same amount of time as a comparable bully stick, cost less and are loved just as much by dogs? We provide several great alternatives that are budget friendly.
April 11, 2022
Long Lasting Dog Chews

Long Lasting Dog Chews

Most dog owners are in search of the longest lasting dog chews they can find. After all the longer chews last, the longer their dog is occupied giving their people a much needed break! Also, the longer chews last, the lower the overall cost invested. So what are the longest lasting chews on the market? Sticking only to real, non-hide animal based dog chews, see which ones we think are the best long lasting chews.

October 28, 2021
Come See Us at the MN State Fair!

Come See Us at the MN State Fair!

After last year's fair being cancelled, the MN State Fair is back on - starting August 26 and ending Labor Day, 2021. As always, you can find GREAT DOG in the Dairy Building on the south end of the fairgrounds. We will be selling many of our top selling chews, pull toys, Hooked On Tails products, Mendota Pet collars and leashes, FreezeTag Dog Tag Silencers, and as always, YEOWWW! Catnip products . We look forward to seeing you all there!
August 16, 2021