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Why Choose Bison Chews & Bones for Your Dog?

Bison chews and bones offer dogs many benefits. For example, they are:

- Rich in flavor - dogs generally prefer bison chews and treats over beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or lamb.

- Low in fat and high in protein - bison chews and bones tend to be lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than beef, pork, turkey, skinless chicken, lamb and even some fish.

- US sourced and manufactured - produced from American grass/range fed Bison and raised in a much more humane, natural and healthy manner than the majority of beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey raised inside and outside the US.

- Ideal for dogs with allergies and digestive issues - bison is often the only chew that doesn't cause problems for dogs with food sensitivities.

GREAT DOG has an extensive line of bison bones and chews you won't find elsewhere. All our chews and bones are made from US sourced product and cooked in a human grade facility without additives and preservatives!



Went to Play Frisbee and Caught a Dog

Went to Play Frisbee and Caught a Dog

The fun of Frisbee fetch in Pleasant Lake near our house turned to pain and an unexpected Sunday expense when we noticed a lead sinker and monofilament line dangling from our dog, Chuck's, mouth.
May 03, 2020
It's a GREAT Time to be a Dog

It's a GREAT Time to be a Dog

We are all living in strange and uncertain times at the moment. For dogs, however, it's awesome - at least here in Minnesota. Honestly I've never seen so many dogs being walked. Let's all commit to continuing to walk our dogs after life returns to "normal."

March 23, 2020
Dog Memory

Dog Memory

What kind of memory do dogs possess? Dogs' long-term memory is very different from ours. We store information about events or episodes we've experienced (episodic memory) and by recall of general facts (semantic memory). A dog remembers by associating a specific activity with what they see, smell or hear or whether they have a positive or negative memory of it (associative memory). Humans should incorporate what we know about dogs' memory when they train, discipline and interact with their dogs to not only shape their behavior but to also build stronger bonds with them. Learn more at GREAT DOGS - www.greatdogco.com.
January 16, 2020