The Reasons are Pretty Clear!

  • We source and manufacture all our products in the USA and as close to Minnesota, our home base, as possible.
  • Our beef products are sourced from small, Midwestern family farms.
  • We use grass and range fed Bison. These animals have never been given added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.
  • Our products are made from a single ingredient, never contain preservatives, stabilizers or irradiation and are cooked in their own juices to human grade standards in human-grade State and Federally inspected facilities.
  • Because we use yummy parts and our products are unadulterated, our customers find that their dogs prefer the GREAT DOG brand over others.
  • You can always feel good about feeding GREAT DOG Treats and Chews to your dog!

Be forewarned...because we have such high standards and add no excipients to our products your dog may want to gobble GREAT DOG Treats and Chews. As such, always supervise feeding - please make sure to feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.