Top Quality, US Sourced and Made

Why Choose GREAT DOG
Treats and Chews

For your best friend?

We think the Reasons are Pretty clear

  • We source and manufacture all our products in the US, and as close to Minnesota, our home base, as possible.
  • Our beef products are sourced from small, family farms in the Midwest.
  • We use grass and range fed Bison. These animals have never been given added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.
  • Our products are made from a single ingredient, never contain
    preservatives, stabilizers or irradiation.
  • All our products are cooked in their own juices to human grade standards in human-grade State and Federally inspected facilities.
  • Because we use yummy parts and our products are unadulterated, our customers find that their dogs prefer the GREAT DOG brand over others.
  • You can always feel good about feeding GREAT DOG Treats and Chews to your dog!
  • Be forewarned...because we have such high standards
    and add no excipients to our products your dog may want to gobble GREAT DOG Treats and Chews. As such, always supervise feeding - please make
    sure to feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.