GREAT DOG Bison Tendon Chews - Freeze Dried - 6.5 oz. - Sourced and Made in USA

$ 17.79 $ 16.29

  • GREAT DOG's Bison Tendon Chews are freeze-dried, sourced from free-range American grazing bison and never implanted with synthetic or growth promotants
  • Highly coveted and our number one seller, Bison Tendon Chews last a good long time and are a fantastic option for the multi-dog family
  • Ideally suited for dogs under 55 pounds--if you have a dog under 40 pounds you might also want to try GREAT DOG Bison Tendolinis
  • These 3-5 inch segments are freeze-dried to perfection in a Great Dog human-grade facility
  • GREAT DOG Bison Tendon Chews are a much safer alternative to rawhide chews
  • No smokes, soaks, washes, nitrates, sorbates, BHA or BHT added
  • ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING. Small pieces can become a choking hazard. Feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.