Sure, your dog loves bully sticks but that doesn't mean your budget always does. Plus, it can be hard to find sourced and made in the USA bully sticks. So many bully sticks claim they were made in the USA but what they don't tell you is where the raw product was sourced - that's one of the most important aspects of a healthy, delicious bully stick. Product that is imported into the US goes through the USDA. Once that happens, companies then claim the bully sticks (as well as other products) were made in the US because it was cooked here. Consumers often assume "made in the USA" means the product was both sourced and made in the US. This is often not the case. Discerning consumers should look for dog chews that were both sourced and made in the USA.

Bully Stick Alternatives: So what other types of dog chews will last approximately the same amount of time as a comparable bully stick, are sourced and made in the US, require less of an investment and are loved as much by dogs? Fortunately there are several great bully stick alternatives!

1. Tendon Chews - Generally, tendon chews are achilles tendons but not always.

  • Consumers should look for substantial tendon chews that come from  larger animals like cattle and bison that were raised in the US.
  • Other types of tendons like turkey, lamb and even a good amount of beef sold as tendon chews today are long and thin which won't take a dog, regardless of the size, very long to consume.
  • Substantial is much better. A good size beef or bison achilles tendon chew will be approximately 3-6 inches in length and 3.5-4 inches in circumference. For smaller dogs, tendons 2-4 inches in length and 3-3.5 inches in circumference should suffice.
  • Tendons in this range should require lots of gnawing and saliva to break down.
  • Bison and beef tendons also help to keep dogs' teeth and gums clean.
  • Achilles tendon chews are sold either slow roasted or freeze dried.
  • Most importantly, tendon chews are absolutely loved by all size dogs and cost quite a bit less than bully sticks! It's a win-win for both dogs and their humans.

2. Scapula Cartilage - another great alternative to bully sticks.

  • Scapula cartilage comes from the shoulder area of either cattle or bison.
  • Bison scapula cartilage which GREAT DOG CO. calls Scaps are both crunchy and durable for long lasting chewing enjoyment.
  • Scaps are full of chrondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and collagen which can help aid joints.
  • Bison and Beef Scaps are crescent moon in shape and approximately 7-10 inches long and 2.5-4.0 inches wide so it takes the average dog about the same amount of time to consume a scap as it does a comparable sized bully stick.
  • For smaller dogs, GREAT DOG sells bison scapula cut into pieces as a product called Happy Joints.
  • Bison and Beef Scaps are slow roasted in their own juice with nothing else added.
  • Similar to tendon chews, Scaps are loved by all size dogs and they cost considerably less than bully sticks. Again, a win-win for both dogs and their humans!

3. Trachea Chews - a final option to bully sticks are trachea chews.

  • Trachea chews most often come from cattle but can also come from bison and lamb. Beef and bison trachea are quite a bit larger than lamb trachea and will take longer to consume.
  • Generally, beef trachea is sold in either 6 inch or 9-10 inch lengths. It can also be sold in pieces ranging in size from .5 inch to 2 inch segments.
  • Trachea pieces are ideally suited for all size dogs. However, the time to consume a trachea piece will not be comparable to the time required to consume a 6 or 12 inch bully stick.
  • Bison trachea chews are sold in 3 and 6 inch segments. They are also sold as pieces which range in size from .5 inch to 3 inch segments.
  • Again, bison trachea pieces are ideally suited for all size dogs but the time to consume bison trachea pieces will certainly not be comparable to a 6 or 12 inch bully stick.
  • Bison and beef trachea chews are fun for dogs to eat because trachea make a cracking sound when chewed as well as requiring lots of gnawing to break down.
  • Trachea can also be filled with peanut butter or plain yogurt and frozen.
  • Trachea chews are loved by all size dogs and cost considerably less than a comparably sized bully stick. Yet another win-win for both dogs and their humans!

Choosing healthy, long-lasting, US sourced and made chews doesn't have to break your budget. Check out some of these bully stick alternatives today!