Frequently Asked Questions

Why do GREAT DOG products state sourced & made in the USA?

Many consumers believe they are purchasing products sourced and made in the USA when products state "made in the USA". Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Frequently, manufacturers source raw product from foreign countries because it's less expensive. After the raw product is shipped to the US, it is then manufactured and sold. Therefore, the manufacturer indicates it was "made in the USA". While this is technically true, this does not tell the consumer where the raw product was sourced. We believe consumers want US sourced and made dog chews which is what GREAT DOG offers.

Are all GREAT DOG chews and treats a single ingredient?

Yes, all GREAT DOG products are one ingredient chews and treats. GREAT DOG products do not contain any additives or preservatives. When you buy bison pizzle, you are getting 100% bison pizzle. Why? Most additives and preservatives are not advantageous for dogs. They exist simply to ensure stability and extend the shelf life of the product while potentially posing negative side effects for dogs.

I've heard that dog bones are bad for dogs, are they?

Many consumers are concerned about bones because of potential splintering. Splintering of dog bones occurs because they were incorrectly manufactured. If properly manufactured, dog bones should not shard. Slow roasted bones do not inherently pose any danger to dogs provided that you purchase them from a reputable source/manufacturer and supervise your dog while he/she is enjoying the bone. People with extremely aggressive chewers should NOT allow their dogs to consume the entire bone. Dog bones are for chewing on and are not meant to be totally consumed.

Do dogs prefer bison over beef chews treats?

Of course, it depends on the dog but it is extremely rare to find a dog who does not enjoy gnawing on a bison chew. Because the number of bison raised in the US is significantly smaller than cattle, many dogs have never had a bison chew. Bison are range/grass fed and not given antibiotics making bison chews healthier than the average beef chew on the market. Dogs with food allergies and stomach sensitivities often tolerate bison chews without issue as opposed to other options (beef, lamb, pork). Bison chews are often much lower in fat than beef chews as bison are leaner animals. Overall, we have found that most dogs naturally prefer bison to beef if given the choice.

I have an aggressive chewer, what do you recommend?

Although many humans believe they have aggressive chewers, in reality, most are not. Dogs enjoy chewing and, in many cases, need to chew for enjoyment, to keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean, and/or to alleviate boredom or anxiety. Often humans are looking for long-lasting chews to keep their dogs occupied. Antlers are the longest lasting chew on the market. Most dogs enjoy gnawing on antlers with the goal of trying to get to the marrow type substance in the middle. Pits and Rottweilers may have an appropriately sized elk antler for one to three months where a smaller, less aggressive chewer like your average mutt may have it for a year or more.

All other chews on the market from tendons to bully sticks to trachea chews will last, on average, 20 minutes to a few hours depending upon how long you allow your dog to access the chew, the dog breed, and the size and age of the dog. The very best way to reduce the need for chews is to consistently exercise your dog. A well exercised dog is a happy dog. A well exercised dog also tends to be calmer with a reduced need to be kept busy.

Do you offer free samples?

No. Given the price point of many of our products, it's not feasible to give out samples. If products, such as bully sticks, were cut into smaller pieces for samples, it could create a choking hazard. Please read product reviews for additional information about individual products from real customers.

If local, can I pick up my order instead of paying for shipping?

Sorry, no. We limit access to our warehouse to adhere to safety standards. It's not possible to pick up product directly from GREAT DOG. Consumers can find our products in most food co-ops and many independent pet stores where they will find a limited supply of our products as each store only carries a small number of SKUs. Our full line of chews and treats can be found online at

How long, on average, does it take to process and ship an order after it's placed?

Typically, we process an order on the same day or the day after it was placed, Monday through Friday. Several times a year this range will be extended by a day or two due to holidays, vacations, and/or processes related to inventory reconciliation.