Back in 1990 I returned from California and learned that my beloved Doberman Pincher, Dobie, had been given a rawhide chew and died of a twisted bowel. Who knew such a thing was possible? From what I now know, sadly, quite a number of people. Dobie was my inspiration for launching GREAT DOG CO. The company started with a single product--an organic biscuit mix for dogs which could be baked in your own kitchen. It wasn't very successful but I learned a lot.

Next we started producing and selling a new product, at the time, called pig ears. After much research, we learned that bison could offer dogs a great deal, especially those with allergies and food sensitivities. Soon after, we started offering Bison Achilles Tendons, Scapula and other bison chews. Let's face it, in the mid-1990's not many people really cared if their dogs' chews and treats were natural, a single ingredient and sourced and made in the USA. I guess we were a bit ahead of our time.

Eventually, our chews gained a small loyal following and our business continued to grow. In keeping with our history, today, all our products are made from a single ingredient, sourced and made in the US, as close to our home base in Minnesota as possible, without additives or preservatives. From the start, we always believed our ultimate customers were dogs but also understood people had to buy our products first! It's much easier today and our customers now have over 100 products from which to choose. Yet, each day, we still do what we do for the love of dogs. A dog's love and loyalty is just plain hard to beat. Why not give them the best?

Thanks for putting your trust in our treats and chews!

Michael McCabe, Founder