What's Up with the Popularity of Cow Tubes (Beef Trachea)?

In the quest for the new, cool dog chew, it was discovered that out on the farm, dogs showed a lot of interest in cow trachea or what GREAT DOG calls Cow Tubes. Also referred to as the wind pipe, trachea starts just below the epiglottis and ends up branching out into smaller pieces in the lungs. Cow trachea is cartilaginous and is about 12-14" in length before cooking. 

GREAT DOG CO's Cow Tubes (Beef Trachea) come from the heart of dairy land. This means GREAT DOG's product comes primarily from "milkers" or Holsteins who have lived a long life, relatively speaking. As a result, GREAT DOG Cow Tubes are generally larger in diameter than competing product. GREAT DOG Cow Tubes are cooked in a gravity house long, low and easy. This means a lot of the tasty bits of connective tissue and dessicated fat pieces are still on the product. Why? Because that's what dog's love! Yet there are plenty of processors using a cooking process which removes the tasty bits leaving the product uninteresting, dry and nearly translucent. At GREAT DOG CO, we know better!

GREAT DOG CO. has three basic Cow Tube (Beef Trachea) products available in a variety of configurations:

  •  6" Cow Tubes
  • 10-12" Cow Tubes
  • Cow Tube Pieces ranging in size from .25-4" pieces

Sold in quantities of 5, 10 or 20 count or sold by weight, these chews from GREAT DOG CO. are a clear winner and a delight to your special furry friend. Try some today!