Jakeh is Happy and that Makes GREAT DOG CO. Happy too!

GREAT DOG CO. got its start because we love dogs; and we know our human customers share our love for dogs. Let's face it, it's darn tough to beat a dog's energy, companionship and faithfulness.

At GREAT DOG, we love hearing from our human customers! Recently, we received a very nice email from a new customer that we thought we'd share (with permission). This is what makes what we do each and everyday so rewarding. We are grateful for Michael, Jakeh and all our other wonderful customers.

Michael wrote:

Hi, I received the first shipment of dog snacks yesterday. I let the dog, Jakeh, smell the box when it was delivered because she is so curious about packages arriving. But this time was different, she licked the box! I’ve attached a picture of her with the box when it arrived. After dinner she had her first snack, a bison tendon. I am so pleased with the quality. She must have been pleased with the taste because when she was done, while it may sound crazy, she had a big smile on her face for a couple hours!

Best regards and thank you!
                                   JAKEH'S Chews Have Arrived!
                                              (used by permission)
A heartfelt thanks goes out to Michael (and Jakeh) for taking the time to make our day. As always, it's our mission at GREAT DOG CO. to make all our human and furry customers smile. In turn, that puts a smile on each of our faces!