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Happy & Grateful at GREAT DOG!

Happy & Grateful at GREAT DOG!

At GREAT DOG, we love hearing from our human customers! Recently, we received a very nice email from a new customer that we thought we'd share (with permission). This is what makes what we do each and everyday so rewarding. We are grateful for Michael, Jakeh and all our other wonderful customers. Learn more at GREAT DOGS -


Bison Dog Chews, Treats & Bones

GREAT DOG CO. is one of the very few companies in the United States that sells Bison Chews, Treats and Bones. Why? Two reasons:

1. The number of Bison raised in the United States each year is quite low; and

2. GREAT DOG CO. has been in the business so long that it has the vast majority of the raw product under contract.

Learn more about the benefits of bison chews and treats and what makes GREAT DOG Bison Chews & Treats so great at GREAT DOGS - www,