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Best Dog Treats for Puppies

Dog treats and chews will likely be a key part of a new puppy's daily intake. Treats and chews offer enjoyment and a great way to reward good behavior. With so many treats and chews on the market, deciding which ones are safe for your puppy can be challenging. Because puppies are still growing, choosing treats and chews that are safe while still offering enjoyment and beneficial nutrients as well as other key benefits, e.g., reducing teething discomfort, are essential. See a list of recommended GREAT DOG puppy treats and chews here.


Beef Weasand for Dogs

Beef Weasand for Dogs

What the heck is it? Beef Weasand for dogs is beef esophagus - a highly palatable single ingredient chew which is slow roasted and air dried to retain the nutrients your dog needs to thrive. It's high in protein and low in fat and packed full of chondroitin and glucosamine needed to support your dog's joints. Beef weasand is extremely flavorful and a real delicacy for dogs.
Healthy Dog Treats and Chews - Great Dog Co.

Healthy Treats for Dogs with Allergies and Other Sensitivities

Does your dog have allergies or stomach sensitivities? If yes, you've likely struggled to find healthy treats and chews that don't cause a reaction in your dog. Find out which products are some of the best for your dog and why.
Are You Looking for Healthy Dog Treats and Chews?

Are You Looking for Healthy Dog Treats and Chews?

So you are looking for healthy dog treats and chews for your dog but aren't really sure what that means - we'll help fill in the gaps. In general, characteristics of healthy dog treats and chews are similar to healthy human food. It all starts at the source - where and how the animal was raised. Next, consider what's in the treat or chew and how it was made. Ultimately, look for one ingredient dog treats and chews ideally sourced and made in the US. Your dog will love them and so will you!


Bison vs. Beef Dog Treats and Chews

Many consumers use the term Bison and Buffalo interchangeably. But are they interchangeable terms? And, when it comes to Bison or Beef dog chews and treats, is one preferable? We answer these and other questions to help readers better understand the differences when purchasing single ingredient dog chews.


Natural Dog Treats and Chews - How Do You Know?

You try to purchase only "natural" dog treats and chews because you love your dog. But, how do you know if "natural" dog chews and treats are really natural? In many ways it comes down to how they are manufactured. For example, how do you know the additives in pet chews and treats are safe? Even a bigger question is why are manufacturers adding soaks, salts, washes, nitrates, sugars and many other preservatives to dog chews and treats?


Bully Sticks - Which Ones Should You Buy?

Bully sticks are not an inexpensive chew so maximize your investment by increasing your knowledge about pizzle. Learn about common bully stick myths and what you should look for when buying bully sticks (pizzle).
Minnesota State Fair 2020 Online Marketplace - A First of Its Kind!

Minnesota State Fair 2020 Online Marketplace - A First of Its Kind!

As most of us know all too well, fairs across the country have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The biggest state fair in the country - the MN State Fair - is no exception. Nonetheless, interested vendors were given the opportunity to participate in the first ever Minnesota State Fair Online Marketplace starting August 4, 2020 and running through December 31, 2020. GREAT DOG CO. will participate along with several hundred other vendors. Make sure to take advantage of all the GREAT deals!


How Old is Your Dog Really?

How Old is Your Dog Really?

Recently I decided to research dog age after running into a woman who described her Golden as old. When I inquired about the dog’s age I learned he was only 8 years old. In comparison I have a 55 pound dog who is 7 years old. I would never describe him as old, not even on his way to being old. But should I?