Healthy Treats for Dogs with Allergies

Does your dog have allergies or stomach sensitivities? If yes, you've likely struggled to find healthy treats and chews that don't cause a reaction in your dog. One of the best options is treats and chews made from American sourced Bison. Unlike other animal based treats and chews, the majority of American sourced Bison are grass and range fed, are not given antibiotics and do not spend the last part of their lives being fattened up unnaturally at factory farms. 

Once made into treats and chews, you should look to source those that were made without additional additives such as stabilizers, fillers, and preservatives. Ideally, a single ingredient treat or chew is the best option. Fewer additives means less for a dog with allergies and other sensitivities to react to which is why Bison products are such a great option. If your dog doesn't have allergies or sensitivities, Bison is still a great choice. Just like people, some dogs actually develop allergies and food sensitivities as they age. Feeding Bison treats and chews makes this less likely as they aren't being loaded up with chemicals and other additives. Plus, Bison treats and chews taste great. So Bison treats and chews will not only be a healthy, non-reactive option for your dog but he/she will absolutely love them!