What the heck is Beef Weasand for Dogs?

Beef Weasand is beef esophagus. Beef Weasand for dogs is a highly palatable single ingredient chew which is slow roasted and air dried to retain the nutrients that your dog needs to thrive. It's high in protein and low in fat and packed full of chondroitin and glucosamine needed to support your dog's joint health.

Each weasand is approximately 8-10" long and approximately 1.25-1.50 inches in diameter. Essentially, beef weasand resembles a thicker bully stick with ridges although it does not last as long as a bully stick. Think of a high quality beef meat stick which can easily be broken into smaller pieces. 

Beef weasand is loved by dogs of all ages and sizes. Because it's similar to a high quality beef meat stick, weasand is also easy to digest making it a great rawhide alternative. GREAT DOG weasand for dogs is slow roasted without preservatives. Beef weasand is extremely flavorful and a real delicacy for dogs. Give it a try - your dog will thank you!