Of course your dog loves bully sticks but diversity of chews increases your dog's engagement as well as overall health. Plus, your dog is likely to love the other, less expensive, chews just as much as bully sticks. You'll like them because they cost less.

Bully Stick Alternatives:  There are several other types of US sourced and made dog chews that require less investment and will last approximately the same amount of time as a comparable bully sticks including:

1. Achilles Tendon Chews:

  • Beef and Bison Achilles Tendons are the best option because they are substantial in size as compared to tendons from turkey or lamb, for example.
  • A good size beef or bison achilles tendon chew will range in size from roughly 3-6 inches in length and 3.5-4 inches in circumference. Beef tendons are typically longer than bison tendons.
  • Tendons, when sized appropriately for your dog, will require lots of gnawing and saliva to break down and help clean teeth and gums.
  • Most importantly, tendon chews are absolutely loved by all size dogs and cost quite a bit less than bully sticks! It's a win-win for both dogs and their humans.

2. Trachea Chews:

  • Trachea chews most often come from cattle but can also come from bison and lamb. Beef and bison trachea are quite a bit larger than lamb trachea and will take longer to consume.
  • Generally, beef trachea is sold in either 6 inch or 10-12 inch lengths. It can also be sold in pieces ranging in size from .5 inch to 2.5 inch segments.
  • Trachea pieces are well suited for most dogs, regardless of size. Clearly, the longer the trachea, the longer it will take for a dog to consume.
  • Bison trachea chews are either sold in 3, 6 or 9 inch segments. They are also sold as pieces which range in size from .5 inch to 3 inch segments. Clearly, the longer the bison trachea, the longer it will take for a dog to consume.
  • Bison trachea in 6 or 9 inch lengths will generally take a dog longer to break down than a similarly sized beef trachea.
  • Trachea chews are both tasty and fun for dogs - making a cracking sound when chewed and requiring lots of gnawing to break down.
  • Trachea can also be filled with peanut butter or plain yogurt and frozen to extend the life of the chew as well as adding variety in your dog's diet.
  • Trachea chews are loved by all size dogs and typically cost less than a comparably sized bully stick. Yet another win-win for both dogs and their humans!

3. Scapula Cartilage:

  • Scapula cartilage comes from the shoulder area of either cattle or bison.
  • Bison scapula cartilage which GREAT DOG CO. calls Scaps are both crunchy and durable for long lasting chewing enjoyment.
  • Scaps are full of chrondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and collagen which can help aid joints.
  • Bison and Beef Scaps are crescent moon in shape and approximately 7-10 inches long and 2.5-4.0 inches wide so it takes the average dog about the same amount of time to consume a scap as it does a comparably sized bully stick.
  • For smaller dogs, GREAT DOG sells bison scapula cut into pieces as a product called Happy Joints.
  • Bison and Beef Scaps are slow roasted in their own juice with nothing else added.
  • Similar to tendon chews, Scaps are loved by all size dogs and they cost considerably less than bully sticks. Again, a win-win for both dogs and their humans.
4. Antler Chews:
  • The longest dog chew on the market today continues to be antler chews.
  • The longest lasting type of antler is generally Elk or Moose with Red Deer following closely behind. Mule Deer Antlers are generally smaller and more appropriate for smaller dogs.
  • Regardless of the type of antler chew, it's important that they be sized appropriately for the dog. Larger dogs and/or aggressive chewers require a larger antler chew than smaller dogs or less aggressive chewers.
  • For dogs who are "lazy chewers," have dental issues, or are older, a split antler where the marrow-type substance is exposed is the ideal choice.
  • Because antler chews are quite hard, it's important to supervise feeding as well as limit your dog's access, especially if you have an aggressive chewer. Some dogs will chew and chew and chew on a whole antler in an effort to gain access to the marrow type substance in the middle if the antler is not taken away.
  • Antler chews can last anywhere from a month for a very aggressive chewer to several years for a non-aggressive chewer. The amount of access to an antler, of course, also impacts how long it lasts, especially for very aggressive chewers.
  • While the upfront investment, especially for larger antlers, exceeds the price of the average bully stick, over the long-run, the cost is much lower given how long antler chews last.

Choosing a variety of  healthy, long-lasting, US sourced and made chews will keep your dog engaged and healthy and doesn't have to break your budget. Check out some of these great bully stick alternatives today!