We are all living in strange and uncertain times at the moment. For dogs, however, it's awesome - at least here in Minnesota. Honestly I've never seen so many dogs being walked.

Our dog gets a walk in the morning and an hour at a dog park every day. We pretty much know most regularly walked dogs as we live in Minneapolis where it's densely populated, at least for Minnesota standards. Since the "lock down" from Covid 19 there are dogs everywhere - most I've never seen before. Not only are more dogs being walked, I imagine they are pretty thrilled about having their humans home virtually 24/7.

This will likely go on for at least several more weeks if not months. And once we all return to work as we know it, our dogs will not have us around as much. However, this is a great opportunity to develop a routine which includes regularly walking your dog. Not only is it great for humans to spend some time outdoors but it's really a necessity for dogs. Dogs behave better, live longer and generally just feel a whole lot better if they get plenty of exercise. Plus they are curious creatures and would much rather have a change of scenery than looking at the same fence posts day after day. This, of course, is also true for us humans.

Please commit to continuing to walk your dog after your "routine" returns to normal. It's pretty easy to make a walk a regular habit. Both you and your dog will be better for it.