The fun of Frisbee fetch in Pleasant Lake near our house turned to pain and an unexpected Sunday expense when we noticed a lead sinker and monofilament line dangling from our dog, Chuck's, mouth. He kept gagging and coughing. We quickly realized that there was also a hook at the end of that line. Unfortunately, that hook was set in the back of our dog's tongue just above his throat.

We could touch the hook but there was no way to remove it as our dog kept gagging and trying to close his mouth. We knew we needed to find an emergency Vet, and also wondered what it would cost. After splitting up - one of us stayed with Chuck and the other hiked back 2 miles to get the car - we found an emergency vet nearby and made our way there. They met us at the car given Covid 19. It's hard not to be by your dog's side during an emergency but we had no choice.

The Vet Tech said it'd be about an hour - just enough time for us to have an ice cream. A little shave on the front leg, some Propofol, a long forcep and thankfully he is as good as new again. Big shout out to the local vet team at Como Park Animal Hospital for unhooking our boy! For all those fisherpeople out there, please try to remove all the hooks in the water before leaving. All the other animals that live in the water and those that like to swim would very much appreciate it not to mention all us dog parents!