Meet Stanley the Wonder Dog! He was the epitome of a GREAT DOG. Stanley weighed about 78 LBS and lived 12 days shy of his 17th birthday. That was 2013 and I still miss this special boy like crazy.

GREAT DOG - Stanley

He was a gentle, sweet, super smart boy. As my first dog ever, he also holds a very special, unique place in my heart. As my first dog, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Not being familiar with day-to-day life with a dog, in the beginning, he kept me on my toes. I remember being so proud of him when he was doing something similar to Michael Jackson's "moonwalk" but on his behind. A good friend of mine was nice enough to tell me that it wasn't a special talent he had but rather something was bothering his bum! Oh the things you learn. (Stanley was 16 in the photo - looking through a glass door wanting to come inside).

He did actually have several very special talents though. About a week after he came home with me (he was only about 3 months old), I learned his first one. I kept hearing my doorbell ring and would check both my front and back door. No one was ever there - I was certain some kids were door bell ditching me. After about a week and not a kid in sight, it occurred to me that Stanley was always at the back door after the bell rang. Somehow he figured out that if he rang the bell when he wanted to come inside, I'd open the door. He consistently rang the bell up until he got too old to jump up (a very sad time). When that happened, he'd bark a few times instead. During his door bell ringing heyday, many people visited just to experience his doorbell ringing firsthand! He was such a GREAT DOG!

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