Ever wonder why you should choose Bison Dog Chews and Bones over Beef Chews and Bones?

Bison chews and bones offer many health benefits for dogs. Here's just a few:

  • Rich in flavor, dogs generally prefer bison chews and treats over beef.
  • Low in fat and high in protein, they tend to be lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than beef alternatives (and pork, turkey, skinless chicken and even some fish).
  • Most US sourced Bison is free range, grass fed and raised in a much more humane, natural and healthy manner than beef.
  • For dogs with allergies and digestive issues, bison is often the only chew that doesn't cause problems for them.

So why don't I see more Bison Chews and Bones on the market?

  • Bison are raised in much, much smaller numbers in the US. Put simply, the supply is limited. One of the advantages of the small supply, however, is that you won't find Bison factory farms!

So I often see Buffalo Chews and Bones. Is Buffalo and Bison the same thing?

  • No. While people often use the two terms interchangeably they are not the same. American Bison are just that, Bison raised in America (although Bison could also be found in other North American countries). European Bison is a slightly different animal, although related and raised obviously in Europe. A buffalo is either a Cape Buffalo from Africa or a South Asian Water Buffalo, neither of which are closely related to either kind of bison. So in the US if you see a product sold as "Buffalo" you know that it is NOT US sourced and NOT Bison.

So why do Bison Chews and Bones cost more than Beef Alternatives?

  • The most obvious reason is the limited supply. Because of the limited supply, the cost of the raw product is significantly higher than grass fed Beef in the US (of which there is also a very limited supply) and much higher than foreign sourced Beef products brought into the US and cooked here (don't be fooled when products are listed as "made in the US" because they were not likely sourced in the US).
  • Consumers can really only purchase Bison Chews and Bones for their dogs from 1-2 companies in the US like GREAT DOG CO.
  • Because of the limited supply and the cost of raw product, the cost of Bison Chews and Bones is also often higher than beef alternatives.

Which Bison Chews and Bones sold by GREAT DOG CO. are the most popular?

  • GREAT DOG's number one selling dog chew is the Bison Achilles Tendon. A very popular version for smaller dogs (under 40 pounds) is called GREAT DOG Bison Tendolinis.
  • A close second is GREAT DOG Bison Scaps. Bison Scaps are bison scapula cartilage. Some people compare it to pig ears but it is far superior. First, Pig ears are often much smaller. Secondly, pig ears are more similar to rawhide whereas Bison Scaps are cartilage. Thirdly when chewed on pig ears get very slimy and often have an off odor. Bison Scaps do not get slimy, are larger and do not have an off odor. Plus, dogs love them because they taste great, last a good amount of time, and crack when chewed making them fun to eat.
  • In third place are Bison Pizzle or Bison Bully Sticks. Some consumers compare Bison Pizzle to catnip for dogs because most dogs go crazy for them. Bison Bully sticks differ from beef sticks because they are obviously from a different animal, have a different flavor but also have a fat line running down the center, making them much more flavorful. Once a dog tries Bison Pizzle, it's very clear they favor bison over beef.
  • Next are Bison Tubes or Bison Trachea. Richer in flavor than Beef Trachea, they are loved by most dogs. Although Bison are smaller animals than cattle, interestingly, the trachea is much larger. Thus a Bison Tube is, on average, over two times wider than a typical beef trachea.
  • Relative to Bones, GREAT DOG Bison Mighty Bones are loved by all dogs and especially owners of aggressive chewers. Bison Mighty Bones are extremely dense and long lasting. There is a lot less meat on this bone but they last a lot longer. GREAT DOG Bison Mighty Bones are sold in full and 1/2 sizes.
  • GREAT DOG Bison femur bones are also highly coveted by dogs and their owners. Long lasting, full flavored bones with lots of marrow and fat tailings, dogs are happy, happy, happy chewing on GREAT DOG femur bones.
  • GREAT DOG Bison Lung and Bison Liver chews are also a big hit and make great training treats.
  • Because GREAT DOG sells  only US sourced chews and bones, all manufactured in a US human grade facility without preservatives and other nasty chemicals, dog owners can also feel confident that their dogs are getting the very best.
  • Check out our Bison Chews and Bones and try some today! Your dog will be so happy you did.