GREAT DOG Beef Bigger Bones - 2, 6-7 Inch Bones - Sourced and Made in USA

$ 28.59
  • GREAT DOG Beef Bigger Bones for dogs come 2 to a bag, are approximately 6-7 inches in length with lots of marrow, meat and fat tailings left on to provide extreme gnawing and chewing enjoyment and teeth cleaning action
  • Sourced from small Midwest family farms and ideally suited for medium to medium-large sized dogs
  • GREAT DOG Beef Bigger Bones for dogs (Beef Marrow Bones) come from more mature, free-range animals resulting in the bones being larger than typical
  • Beef Bigger Bones for dogs (Beef Marrow Bones) are loaded with flavor, loved by dogs, all natural, slow roasted in one of GREAT DOG's human grade facilities and individually wrapped for freshness
  • No smokes, soaks, washes, nitrates, colorants, BHA or BHT added
Dog Size Recommendation

Medium to medium-large sized dogs

ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING: Recommendations are suggestions only. Small pieces can become a choking hazard. Feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.


US sourced beef femur bone

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