GREAT DOG Jumbo Red Deer Antler - Best for Dogs 45+ LBS - Sourced and Made in USA

$ 32.99
  • GREAT DOG Jumbo Red Deer Antler Chew , on average, 7.0-9.0 inches long, 4-6 inches in circumference and best for dogs over 45+ lbs
  • Sourced from Minnesota, Red Deer Antlers last a good long time
  • GREAT DOG Red Deer Antler Chews provide essential minerals, amino acids and other nutrients including calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium while helping to reduce tartar build up on dogs' teeth
  • Red Deer Antler Chews are softer than Elk Antler Chews and will last a shorter period of time
  • ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING. Take the product away when it gets small enough for your pet to swallow or become a possible choking hazard. Do not allow your dog to attempt to break the chew in half with his/her back teeth.
Dog Size Recommendation

Medium to large-sized dog

ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING: Recommendations are suggestions only. Small pieces can become a choking hazard. Feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.


US sourced red deer antler

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