GREAT DOG Mighty Half Bison Bones - Sourced and Made in USA

$ 10.99
  • GREAT DOG Mighty Half Bison Bones are approximately 3.5-5 inches long, 2-3 inches wide and sourced from free range grazing Bison raised exclusively on native grasses on small family farms in the Midwest
  • Mighty Half Bison Bone is a Bison shin bone, all natural and loaded with flavor and fantastic for aggressive chewers offering long-lasting chewing enjoyment
  • GREAT DOG Mighty Half Bison Bones are ideal for small to small-medium sized dogs, especially those with allergies to beef and/or other food sensitivities
  • Mighty Half Bison Bones are slow roasted in their own juices at one of GREAT DOG's human grade facilities free from smokes, soaks and other additives
  • For those who want a larger bone, see GREAT DOG Bigger Mighty Full Bison Bones or Biggest Mighty Full Bison Bones which range in size from 7-11 inches in length
  • All orders for GREAT DOG Mighty Half Bison Bones will include 1 bone unless multiple are indicated
  • ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING. Take the product away when it gets small enough for your dog to swallow or become a choking hazard. Do not allow your dog to attempt to break the bone in half with its back teeth.
Dog Size Recommendation

Small to medium sized


ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING: Recommendations are suggestions only. Small pieces can become a choking hazard. Feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.


US sourced bison femur bone

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