GREAT DOG Small Beef Bones 3, 2-3 Inch Bones - Sourced and Made in USA

$ 22.99
  • GREAT DOG Small Beef Bones for dogs (Beef Marrow Bones) contain 3, 2-3 inch bones and each have lots of marrow, meat and fat tailings left on to provide gnawing and chewing enjoyment
  • Small Beef Bones for dogs are sourced from small Midwest family farms with less than 100 head
  • GREAT DOG Small Beef Bones (Beef Marrow Bones) come from more mature, free-range animals resulting in the bones being larger than typical
  • Loaded with flavor, loved by dogs, all natural, slow roasted in one of GREAT DOG's human grade facilities and individually wrapped for freshness
  • No smokes, soaks, washes, nitrates, colorants, BHA or BHT added
Dog Size Recommendation

Small to medium-small sized dog

ALWAYS SUPERVISE FEEDING: Recommendations are suggestions only. Small pieces can become a choking hazard. Feed pieces appropriate for your dog's size, age, health state and eating behavior.


US sourced beef femur bone